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Nathiya Murali

Mrs. Nathiya Murali

Associate Core Research Scientist

B. Sc., Government Arts and Science College for Womem, Karimangalam, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Work experience

2.2 Year

Working as Junior Research Fellow at REST Labs, Kaveripattinam, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India from 10/06/2021

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Research and Publications

Kurinjimalar Ramu; M. Ramachandran; M. Nathiya; M. Manjula “Green Supply Chain Management; with Dematel MCDM Analysis", Recent trends in Management and Commerce, 2(3), (2021): 8-15.DOI:

P.K.Chidambaram; Dr. Amol Lokhande; Dr. M. Ramachandran; M. Nathiya; G. Mathivanan “A study on Carbon Fiber Based Polymer Rein Force composites", REST Journal on Emerging trends in Modelling and Manufacturing, 7(3), (2021): 94-100. DOI: