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International Conference On Contemporaneity Of Language And Literature In The 21st Century Robotized Millenium
11th and 12th November 2022
  (both Online and offline Mode)

Organized by
REST Society for Research International & Sacred Heart College

Sub- themes:

  • Postmodernism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Sanskrit Language and Literature
  • Social relevance of literature
  • Challenges in teaching tech savvy generation
  • English Language and Literature
  • Global literature
  • Marginalization
  • Gender studies
  • Hindi Language and Literature
  • Social impact of Tech-based education
  • French Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • Japanese Language and Literature
  • Tamil Language and Literature
  • சங்க இலக்கியம் முதல் இக்கால இலக்கியம் வரையிலான பனுவல்களின் பொருண்மை ஆய்வுகள்
  • இலக்கியக் கொள்கைகளின் அடிப்படையில் இலக்கிய ஆய்வுகள்
  • மொழியியல் ஆய்வுகள்
  • பண்பாட்டியல் ஆய்வுகள்
  • கோட்பாட்டுயியல் ஆய்வுகள்
  • அரங்கவியல் ஆய்வுகள்
  • இதழியல், சுவடியியல், தொல்லியல் ஆய்வுகள்
  • கணினித் தமிழாய்வுகள்

The themes are not limited to the topics given but are inclusive of the above-mentioned ones.

Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. The paper should be submitted through below link.
Submission form

All questions about submissions should be emailed to or coordinators

Chief Patrons

Dr. Anjanapura V Raghu, President, RSRI Society
Rev Poulose Kidangen CMI, Manager, Sacred Heart College


Mrs. M. Murgammal , Manageing Director, RSRI Society
Prof. M. Ramachandran , Registrar, RSRI Society
Mrs. Vimala Saravanan , Admin, RSRI Society
Rev Dr. jose John CMI, Principal, Sacred Heart College


Miss. Kurinjimalar Ramu, RSRI Society
Phone Number: 6382760440
E- mail:
Dr shoba Liza John, Asst Prof of French, HoD of Additional Languages department, Sacred Heart College.



Mr. Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy, RSRI Society
Phone Number: 6374877852.
E- mail:
Mr. Chinnasami Sivaji, RSRI Society.
Phone Number: 6369477511
Dr. Vishnuraj P, Asst Prof, Dept of Malayalam

Organizing  Committee

Mr. Chandrasekar Raja, RSRI Society.
Mr. Mathivannan Govindhasamy, RSRI Society.
Miss. Malarvizhi Mani, RSRI Society.
Mrs. Nathiya Murali, RSRI Society.
Mrs. Vidhya Prasanth, RSRI Society.
Mrs. Manjula Selvam, RSRI Society.
Mrs. Vennila Tamilaresan, RSRI Society.
Mr. syamlal M. S, Sacred Heart College.
Dr Samsrutha Devi, Sacred Heart College.
Ms Anjumol Babu, Sacred Heart College.

Chief Guest

G. Vickneswaran, YouTube @ Tamil pokkisham Channel.

Keynote Speakers

Fadette Badie d'Arcis, Master FLE.
Dr.Vijayarajan K U, Sreenarayana Guru Open University,Kollam.
Dr.Rajeev Ranjan Prasad, Rajiv Gandhi University,Arunachal Pradesh.
ഫ്രാ ൻസി സ്നൊ റോ ണ(കഥാ കൃത്ത്)

Technical Committee

Advisory Committee


Venue: Sacred Heart College Thevara, Ernakulam, Kerala, India.


All the papers submitted and accepted by this conference will be published as a book chapter in any of the below book series by REST Publisher, India.

1. Contemporaneity of Language and Literature in the Robotized Millennium, ISBN No: 978-81-936097-3-6.

2. தமிழ் மொழி மற்றும் இலக்கியத்தின் சமகாலத்தன்மை, பன்னாட்டுத் தரப்புத்தக எண் : 9788194845959.

3. Études Françaises et Francophones - Passion et Connaissance dans l'Espace Numérique, ISBN No: 9788194845966.

Best Research Paper Award for Hindi, Sanskrit and Malayalam.

Important Dates

Last Date for Submission: 27th October 2022
Intimation of Acceptance: 1st November 2022
Last Date for Early bird Registration: 5th November 2022


For Registration kindly go through the registration form
Registration form

About RSRI
REST Society for Research International (RSRI) is an independent, private, non-profit, interdisciplinary, professional research society. RSRI is functioned by a group of researchers in various areas of specializations across the world. This society recognizes the research contributions through the various distinguished awards and publications in association with one of its initiative “REST publisher”, which publishes various research journals and books. This research society is sponsored by REST Trust, which is registered under the Government of India with vide number 43/2009 in the year of 2009. In continuation of the various research responsibilities, we are conducting various competitions like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles competition, Best Manager competition, structural design competition, etc. for undergraduate and postgraduate students all around the world to enhance their creativity and technical skills, which leads to innovation and product development.
About the Conference
The aim of the conference is to provide opportunities to researchers and academicians to exchange views and opinions and learn new information and trends in teaching students of language and literature.  It is a platform to present research papers that helps to improve one’s work by getting feedback from experts in the field.  It is an opportunity to connect with academicians nationwide, and strengthen their research field with innovative approaches and have a wider network with peers and renew motivation and confidence.

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Category Early
Late registration
Delegates from Industries Rs. 2000 Rs. 2500
Delegates from Academia Rs. 1500 Rs. 2000
Accompanying Person Rs. 1500 Rs. 2000
Delegates from Abroad Rs. USD 50 Rs. USD80