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Proceeding Title: RSRI Conference on Theoretical and Applied Science

list of manuscript titles accepted and processing for this proceedings

  1. Detection of Cancer in Histopathological Images Using Deep Learning Techniques
  2. Improving student performance based on Habitual Impact scaling feature selection using adaptive deep Multi Perception Pattern Learning Classification for Low rank students
  3. Empirical exploration on Deep Learning enabled Intelligent Classroom (DLeIC) using IoT Platform
  4. Comparative Analysis of Dimension Reduction Technique in CBMR Systems
  5. Automatic Accident Detection and Alert System using Reinforcement Algorithm (AADARA) in Big Data Analytics
  6. Meta Hueristic Task Scheduling Approach in Cloud Computing
  7. Lockdown extension opinion analysis using the covid_senti_bert model
  8. An Instantaneous Object Detection Using Background Subtraction In Wavelet Domain
  9. Ingenious Assorted Resource Optimization Techniques Based Job Scheduling In Cloud Computing: A Sparkling Survey
  10.  Cloud Based Effective Cyber Security System
  11.  Cubic terms from Casimir Invariant Operators and IBM-1 are used to calculate the B(E2) transition probabilities for 122-130Te (Tellurium) Even-Even Isotopes with the aid of IBM-1.
  12.  "A Study On The Impact Of Millet Product As Traditional Food Of Tamil Nadu And Importance On Health Among The Younger Generation
  13.  Development of an IoT Model to Predict the Efficiency of Methane Production Using Machine Learning Algorithm
  14.  change detection in water bodies using residual neural network
  15.  A Review Paper on Obscured Asymmetric Crypto-Functions
  16.  Education Based New Computer Network Simulator
  17.  Involvement of Blockchain Technology in Intrusion Detection Domain
  18.  Review on Trending Biometric Systems
  19.  A Review on Web Analytics
  20.  Analysis of Different TCP Variants
  21.  A Research Paper on Smart Shoe
  22.  Quantum Computation Theory and AI
  23.  A Research Paper on Quantum Computing
  24.  A Survey on Quantum Computers
  25.  An Intelligent Waste Management System
  26.  Dispersion Compensation Techniques in Optical Fiber Communication
  27.  Enhancement of Optical Fiber Communication Using Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
  28.  Advance Toll Tax Collection System based on Electronic Devices
  29.  An Overview of Local Anodic Oxidation Technique in Atomic Force Microscopy
  30.  Evolution of 5th Generation Optical Fiber Communication
  31.  An Overview of Two Dimensional Materials for Next Generation Nano Devices
  32.  An Overview of Nanolithography and Nanomanipulation Techniques in Atomic Force Microscope
  33.  An Overview of Two Dimensional Materials for Nanophotonics Applications
  34.  An Overview of Electro-Thermal Bimorph Actuator and its Applications
  35.  Method of Controlling and Monitoring Irrigation Intelligently
  36.  The Applications of Sensor Framework in the Medical Field
  37.  Graphene/PbZrO3 Nanowire Based Flexible Pressure Sensor for Static Measurement
  38.  Phototransistor Based on the MoS2-Quantum Dot Hybrid Structure
  39.  Study on Applications of Fiber Optics and its use in Communication
  40.  An Overview of Recent Development in MEMS Polymers
  41.  Microfluidic Device based on Polydimethylsiloxane for Detection of Biological Particles Concentration
  42.  An Overview of Two-Dimensional Materials for Biosensing
  43.  An Overview of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Materials for Pollution Control
  44.  Use of Drive Shaft as the Rotor of the Electricity Generator
  45.  Review on Machine Learning Algorithms
  46.  Microfluidic Microviscometer based on Electrical Parameter Measurement
  47.  An Overview of Fabrication Technique of Polydimethylsiloxane Based Devices
  48.  A New Method for Privacy-Preserving of the Big Data in D2D Communication using the (k)-Anonymity Model
  49.  An Overview on Data Privacy Monitoring in Big Data
  50.  Recommendation Systems: Different Techniques, Challenges and Future Directions
  51.  A Design of Novel Method for Classification of Waste Materials with its location using Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Smart Cities
  52.  Heart Disease Detection by Using Hybridization in Machine Learning
  53.  AI-based Recommendation Systems (RS): Different Barriers, Solutions and Uses
  54.  Research on Decryption Methodologies and Key Aggregate Searchable Encryption for Data Security Storage in Cloud
  55.  Correlation of Dielectric Property with Soil Moisture for Ramanagara District
  56.  A Review Paper on Wind Energy Conservation System using SRG and Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter
  57.  A Review paper on Smart Traffic Light and Navigational System for Ambulances
  58.  A Review on Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter for Wind/Solar Hybrid Power System
  59.  Intelligent Helmet System and Accident Control for Motor Cycles: A Review Paper
  60.  A Review on Efficient Data Protection in Cloud Environment Using Fog Computing
  61.  Machine Learning Algorithms Based Detection of Credit Card Frauds
  62.  A Paper on Farm Monitoring System using IoT
  63.  Task Scheduling with Prediction of Execution Time of Tasks in Cloud Computing
  64.  AI-Assisted Health Risk Prediction: A Review Paper
  65.  Swarm Intelligence Algorithms for Real Time Applications: Review
  66.  Automatic Skin Disease Detection Using Artificial Intelligence
  67.  Design and Implementation of Biometric Palm Print Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network
  68.  Non Cognitive Predictors of Academic Success: A Study of Pharmacy Students
  69.  The Impact of Workplace Happiness on Motivation, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of The Secondary School Teachers
  70.  Analysis And Detection Of Kidney Stones Using Image Processing In Matlab
  71.  Design of solar powered food dehydrator machine for drying of wastage foods
  72.  Multiplex PCR Method for Simultaneous Detection of Amoebiasis in Human, Sheep and Goats
  73.  Studying the Stability for two Dimension Volterra Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
  74.  A Machine Learning Approach To Medical Image Classification: Predicting Cataract In Fundus Images
  75.  Examining the Listening and Speaking Skills of the Students and their Mental Ability in Teaching English as a Secondary Language Classroom at Cihan University- Duhok
  76.  An Analysis of Modern-Day Technological Use in Learning English Language Reflecting on Teachers and Students
  77.  An Overview of Factors Influencing Second Language Acquisition and Understanding Different Techniques for Its Implementation
  78.  Technological Advancement from Traditional Methods and Discovering Its Impact on English Language Learning Activities
  79.  ECDS Algorithm for Improving Integrity in Cloud
  80.  A Critical Analysis of Mixed Convective Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluids under the Influence of Radiant Heat and Magnetic Field
  81.  Finite Integrals involving the Psi-function, the logarithm function and elliptic integral
  82.  Integrals involving the Psi-function, the elliptic integral, arctan function and Fresnel function
  83.  Completely Semiprime And Semiprime Fuzzy Ideals Of Ordered Γ-Semigroups
  84.  Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis Using Image Mining
  85.  Home Appliance Control and Monitoring Power Usage Using Power Line Communication
  86.  IOT Enabled Industrial Pollution Monitoring and Power Control System
  87.  High Speed Charge Controller Design for Grid Tied EV Applications
  88.  Analysis of Elderly Fall Detection Systems
  89.  Secured Healthcare Monitoring Station in IOT Environment
  90.  Prime Fuzzy Ideals And Completely Prime Fuzzy Ideals Of Ordered Γ-Semigroups
  91.  Peak Temperature Prediction in Friction Stir Welded
  92.  State Of The Art Of Green Energy Extraction Using Hydrokinetic Turbines,
  93.  Experimental Evaluation Of The Mechanical Property Of Kelvar Mat And Aluminium Plate Sandwich Composite
  94.  Identification of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Wind industry
  95.  Effect of TQM implementation on Organizational performance: A case study in Indian Wind Company
  96.  Assessment Framework for Service Quality in Audit Firms
  97.  Selection of Material for Milling Fixture for Friction Stir Welding using Simulia Software
  98.  Aircraft Cockpit Monitoring and Automation
  99.  A Brief Review on Smart Grid
  100.    Comparing the learning outcomes of physical classes with LMS for computational subjects (An Experimental Research)
  101.    Innovative Ways Of Financing Trade Credit And Current Trends In Factoring Field
  102.    A Review on IoT Based Smart Cities
  103.    Internets of Thing (IoTs) Base Water Qualities Analyzer
  104.    Automation of Weighing and Sorting Machines through Internet of Things
  105.    IOT Based Greenhouse Monitoring System
  106.    Design of Smart Street Light System for Smart City based on IoT
  107.    Smart Door Lock System Based on IoT Using ZigBee Communication Module
  108.    An Open Source IoT Platform for Supervision of a 2MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant
  109.    Smart System for Garbage Management Based on IoT
  110.    Smart City Based on IOT
  111.    Impact of Internet of Things (IOT) in Daily Life & Its Use for Ambulance in High Traffic Jam Scenario
  112.    Design of Smart system of Parking using IoT
  113.    IOT Based Smart Agriculture System
  114.    Advance Refrigerator for Real Time Monitoring of Food Based on IoT
  115.    Smart Helmet Based on IoT
  116.    IoT based Motion Detection and Alert System
  117.    IOT Based Food Spoilage Detection
  118.    Green Technology an Approach to Wastewater Treatment
  119.    River Cleaning using Green Technology
  120.    Step towards Environmental Awareness: Green Companies
  121.    Design of Building Energy for the Nation
  122.    Impact of Green Technology on Biodegradable Materials and Electronic Devices
  123.    Impact of Green Technology on Environment
  124.    Self-Repairing and Bio-concretes in Construction
  125.    Effect of Technology on Environment: An Overview
  126.    A Brief Review on Electric Vehicle and Its Effect on the Environment
  127.    Importance of Sustainable Development and Green Technology
  128.    Services And Controlling Governance in the Field of Cloud Computing
  129.    Role of Operating System in Human Life
  130.    An Overview on Data Structure and Algorithms
  131.    Recommendation of Crops On the basis of Rain Data by Implementing Machine Learning
  132.    A Novel Design Method to Detect Malaria Parasite in a Peripheral Smear Using Federated Learning Model
  133.    A Study on Customer’s Preference Towards Health Insurance Products with Specific Reference to Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited
  134.    Factors Influencing Smoking Behavior Among Students and Its Impact
  135.    Renewal of Myths for Assertion of Postcolonial Self in Reference to Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices
  136.    The Design and Implementation of Efficient Weapon Detectors for Video Surveillance
  137.    Smart Waste Management System Using RFID
  138.    Face Assisting Software Technology: A Modern Approach
  139.    Automatic Facial and Number Plate Recognition System
  140.    Factors Affecting The Knowledge Management Among Faculties
  141.    Factors Influencing Customer Loyalty In Bsnl With Reference To Bengaluru City
  142.    Talent Management practices for Organizational Success- a study with reference to Employee Satisfaction and Employee Commitment
  143.    Adsorption of Cr(VI) Using Saw Dust
  144.    Ambient Air Quality And Air Pollution Tolerance Index In An Industrial Hub Of Odisha
  145.    Evaluation Of Water Contamination By Using Water Quality Index (Wqi) As An Indicator of Cleaner Environment in A Mining Area
  146.    Extraction Of Iron(Ii) Using Organophosphorus And Chelating Extractants
  147.    Liquid- Liquid Extraction Performance Of Nd (Iii) Using Some Neutral Organophosphorous Extractants
  148.    Viscometric and thermodynamic study of aspirin in aqueous ethanol media at four different temperatures
  149.    The Minimum Dominating Distance Energy of Certain Graphs
  150.    Investigation on Effects of Variation of Rotational Speed on Temperature and Stress in a Friction Stir Welding Process by Finite Element Approach
  151.    An Empirical Study On Buying, Seling Opportunity Using Technical Indicators In Financial Markets With Specific Focus In Selected Indian Indices And Stocks: Pre & During Covid-19
  152.    AI Architectural Model with Super Consciousness
  153.    Data Mining Techniques For Performance Improvement Of Engineering Students
  154.    Security Awareness Models for Internet of Things Based Devices
  155.    Load Balancing and Task Scheduling on the Cloud using Nature-Inspired Algorithms
  156.    Driverd Rowsiness Detection System
  157.    Reducing The Impact Of Coronavirus On Cybersecurity To Make Internet Safer
  158.    Sustainable Environmental Finance: The Way Forward for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  159.    A Comprehensive Study on Load Balancing & Fault Tolerance in the Cloud Computing Environment
  160.    Solve The Driving Problem With A Genetic Algorithm
  161.    The Improvement Of The Quality And Quantity In Agricultural Production By Using AI
  162.    Influence of Technology On Work Life Balance Of IT Employees
  163.    A Review on Fingerprint Identification System
  164.    A Review Paper on Auto Thermal Detector
  165.    A Brief Discussion on Networking
  166.    An Overview on Database Management System
  167.    An Overview on Software Engineering
  168.    An Overview on Software Testing and its Types
  169.    Basic Data Sources Requirements for Data Science or Predictive Analytics
  170.    A Study of the Fake News Detection using Machine Learning
  171.    Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Transportation
  172.    A Review on Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data
  173.    Review on Hazards of Computer Viruses
  174.    Feature Extraction and Processing Analysis of Stressed Speech in Speech Recognition
  175.    Research Paper on Software Defined Network
  176.    Automatic Fire detection and Controlling System in Homes and Hospitals
  177.    A Research Paper on Information Security System
  178.    A Study of the Stock Market Prediction using Machine Learning
  179.    COVID-19 Data Analysis in social media with Current Scenario
  180.    Diabetic Retinopathy Early Detection Using Point-Dependent Image Processing Methods with a Bag of Features
  181.    Indian Stock Market Prediction using Deep Learning: LSTM
  182.    On the path of development in the social and computational era: Indian agriculture and allied sectors through five-year plans and beyond
  183.    Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality For Industrial And Business Intelligence
  184.    Intelligent Industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence And Robotic Process Automation As Trendsetters
  185.    An Efficient Artificial Intelligence Based Framework As Virtual Assistant For Electricity Consumers
  186.    Need for Autonomous System to Revolutionize the Indian Banking Industry – A Study of Blockchain Technology
  187.    Personality, Publicity and Privacy Rights: Essentiality for a Separate Legislation to Ensure Exclusivity on One’s Fruits of Feats
  188.    Development of vibrations analyzer using microprocessor and estimation of natural frequencies of simply supported beam
  189.    Design and Analysis of Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN Application
  190.    Using of AutoCAD Software for Improving Visualization Skill in Engineering Drawing: Case Study at Raya University, Ethiopia
  191.    Evaluation of Heating and Cooling Load Requirements Australia
  192.    Tensile and SEM Analysis of Hybrid Sisal/Bamboo Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite
  193.    Corrosion and Wear Behavior of Heat Treated, ZRN and ZRO2 Physical Vapor Deposition Coated Az91d Magnesium Alloy
  194.    Development and Characterization of Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Heat Treated AZ91D Magnesium Alloy With and Without Zirconium Nitride Coating
  195.    Comparative Study on Flexural Properties of Bamboo-Glass Hybrid FRP Composites with and Without Water Absorption
  196.    Characterization of Thermal Properties on Natural Hybrid Polymer Composites
  197.    A Review on Australian Domestic Heating and Cooling Requirements
  198.    Gap analysis in Service Quality with Special reference to KVB in Virudhunagar District
  199.    A Systematic review on Nano refrigerants utilized for Enhancing refrigeration system efficiency
  200.    A Review on Effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty
  201.    Analysis of Motivation for Bancassurance Based on Income by MOORA
  202.    Analysis Of Fire Safety In Hospitals Using Nbc
  203.    Hazard Identification and Control Method in Automotive Industry
  204.    Design and Development of Voice Controlled Robotic Wheel Chair for Handicapped People
  205.    Design and Fabrication of Multi Utility Agricultural Vehicle for village farmers
  206.    The Exotic Flavors of Garhwal Cuisine: Exploring From the Tourist Perspective
  207.    Neural Network based Autonomous Driving Vehicle Simulation: A Driver-less Car Scenario
  208.    Analyzing Secret Sharing through Visual Cryptography: Design with Unified Modeling Language
  209.    Evaluation of new beta phase transformation in TNTZ alloy and Ti-Nb alloy.
  210.    A systematic Review of IoT in Healthcare Applications
  211.    Exploring Osteoarthritis classification using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approach
  212.    Exploring the Disease Predictive Models for healthcare using machine learning algorithms
  213.    Use of Ethanol biofuel in gasoline Engine – A comprehensive review
  214.    Mechanical properties of Basalt fibre reinforced with polymer composites – A comprehensive review
  215.    Experimental Analysis of Circular Hollow Steel Pipe Filled with Polyurethane Foam in Automotive Applications
  216.    Modeling And Multi-Response Optimization Of Injection Moulding Process Using Design Of Experiments
  217.    Effect Of Thermal Barrier Coating And Use Of Biodiesel On The Reduction In Emission From The Diesel Engine
  218.    A review paper on optimization in wire EDM machining of titanium materials tool
  219.    A Comparative Simulation Study of Job Shop and Cellular Manufacturing Environments Using Factors Affecting Routing Flexibility
  220.    A perspective and prospects of lubricant based condition monitoring through an expert system
  221.    Experimental Investigation on the Heat Transfer Performance of iron Oxide and Silicon Carbide Nanofluids
  222.    Contributions to the Design and Analysis of Cellular Manufacturing Systems in Literature
  223.    Design and Analysis of Coconut Tree Climbing Robot
  224.    Design and Control of Biped Walking Robot with 3-Link Legs
  225.    Design of Food Assisting Robot for Covid Patients Using ROS
  226.    Effects of Dielectric Fluids Used Based On Hydrocarbon, Water, Gas, Bio Oil/Biodiesel on EDM Performance-Review
  227.    Design Optimization of Gears using Generative Design
  228.    Functionally Graded Materials -Importance and Applications a Review
  229.    Investigating Effect of Process Parameters on Material Removal Rate in Die Sinking EDM of Inconel 718
  230.    Experimental Investigation of Banana Fibre and Neem Fiber as Reinforcement Material by Using Aluminium Powder
  231.    Effect of EDM Process Variables on MRR Using Central Composite Design
  232.    Exploration Of Bio Fuel Blends And Exhaust Gas Recirculation Approach On Performance, Emission, And Combustion Attributes Of Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine.
  233.    Comparative Study of Performance of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System by Using CARE-30 with Al2O3 Nano Particles
  234.    Novel Calotropis Gigantea (CGF) Fiber-epoxy Composites: Influence of Fiber Orientation on dynamic mechanical properties
  235.    A Critical Review of "Analysis and Optimization of Carbon Fiber Composite for Ankle Foot Orthosis and Foot Drop”
  236.    A Review on Characterization and Fabrication of AZ91E Hybrid Matrix Composites of Metal with Different Reinforcement - Fly Ash / Zro2
  237.    Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Machining (PMEDM) of Inconel 718,800,601 with Different Powders: A Review
  238.    Modeling and Simulations of Mechanical Third Arm
  239.    A Review on –Wire Cut EDM Process Parameters
  240.    Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters of AISI 304 in EDM Process
  241.    Evaluation of Constant Natural Frequency Isolators
  242.    A Vibration Model for a Ball Bearing with Multiple Defects on Outer Race
  243.    Nano Coating to Enhance Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Mild Steel
  244.    Optimal Tool Wear Rate in EDM of T42 Steel
  245.    Awareness on Refrigerator Usage for Energy Savings and Extend Life of Food Storage
  246.    Optimal LBM Parameters for Al7075-TiB2 Metal Matrix Composites
  247.    Optimal Powder Mixed EDM Process Parameters for P20 Steel
  248.    Optimization and Evaluation of Electric Motor Drive and Energy Consumption for Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Systems
  249.    Experimental Investigation of HVOF Sprayed WC-12Co Coating on Mild Steel for Agriculture and Automobile Equipment
  250.    Surface Characterization, Film Deposition of CRN 6959
  251.    Dissimilar Material Joint Using Friction Weld
  252.    Experimental Investigation of Various Techniques to Adapt Waste Plastic Oil as Fuel on Diesel
  253.    Free Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Panels: Effect of Core Topology
  254.    Comparision of Thermal Performance between Molybdic Acid and Nano Clay Filled Banana (EFB) FRP Composites
  255.    Vehicle Performance Analysis through Half Car Suspension System Using Anti-Roll Bar and Mr Damper
  256.    Ride Performance Analysis of MR Damper Based Suspension in Indian Tractors
  257.    Machines and Automated Guided Vehicle Routing through Genetic Algorithm
  258.    Open-Source Discrete Event Simulation of Manufacturing Processes using R Simmer
  259.    Characterization of Aluminum/Flyash (Sio2) Metal Matrix Composite
  260.    Deformation Behavior of Poly Di Methyl Siloxane (PDMS) Micro Channel Subjected To Lateral Strain
  261.    Prediction Analysis for Crop Production
  262.    Study and Optimization Process Parameter of ECMM
  263.    CFD Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer of a Hybrid Nanofluid in Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with Longitudinal Strip Inserts
  264.    Analysis of Online Fake News Using Machine Learning Techniques
  265.    Dead Lock Avoidance Using SNA Based Resource Optimization
  266.    A Review of CoVID-19 Detection Using Deep Learning
  267.    Breast Cancer Classification Using Machine Learning – A Study
  268.    RF-TSVM: Random Forest based Transductive Support Vector Machine for Classification and Prediction of Cancer Patterns
  269.    Optimum Blend Ratio of Biodiesel Based on Jatropha, Palm, and Coconut to Improve Fuel Properties
  270.    Satisfaction of Patients and Attendants in Private Hospital – An Imperative Requisite
  271.    Comprehensive Applicability and Effective Utilization of Smartphone in a Pandemic Situation -An Empirical Study
  272.    Gravity based Electricity Generation using Mechanical Sensor and model
  273.    Effectiveness of Suggestopedia in Teaching English as a Second Language
  274.    MIMO Channel Measurement in Heterogeneous Networks
  275.    Strategy for Enhancing Student-Teacher Interaction in English Language Classroom
  276.    Systematic Review On Multiply and Accumulate Unit (MAC) Architectures and Comparison with Various Multipliers
  277.    A Review on Utilization of Business Analytics Strategy in Tourism Industry
  278.    Parameters Optimization for Fluidized Bed Dryer with Food Processing Application
  279.    A Study on Various Online Learning Strategies and Their Assessment Tools
  280.    The Impact of Banking Sector on the Empowerment of Women- A Special Reference to Indian Women
  281.    Generating Mining Frequent Patterns from Big Datasets Using Hybrid Apriori and Genetic Algorithm
  282.    Equity and Diversity: Changing face of Employment Relations in Organised Retail Sector of India
  283.    Capital structure” determinants: a conceptual and empirical review.
  284.    Marketing of Non-Timber Forest Produce by Tribes
  285.    “Role of E Hrm Practices In Banks” A Study With Reference To Employee’s Perception In Chennai
  286.    Consumer Preference, Satisfaction and Loyalty of E-Logistics Service Providers
  287.    Analysis of determinant Factors of User Adoption of Mobile Payment System by Registered Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu. Evidence from Post COVID-19 Scenario.
  288.    Impact of Buyer Behaviour and Brand Loyalty on Brand Preference of Chocolates
  289.    Affinity Marketing Perception of Customers – A Study with Reference to Co-optex Customers in Chennai
  290.    Employee engagement and well-being during covid-19 pandemic
  291.    A study on work life balance of private sector insurance employees with special reference to coimbatore city
  292.    Challenges faced by Human Capital with reference to Labor Market in Oman
  293.    Impact of Consumer Behaviour on Teenage Purchase Decision Making
  294.    Probing the significance of Digital marketing strategy in the Industrial sectors of India
  295.    Enhancing the Performance of POS based Features using Generalization for Sentiment Classification
  296.    Brain Tumor Detection for MR Images using Machine Learning Techniques
  297.    A study on the attitude of millennial entrepreneurs and the major resistance that stands between them and success
  298.    Hybrid Models On Extraction Of Lung Cancer Regions Using Convolutional Neural Network
  299.    Investigation on Deep Learning Based Shopping Companion for the Visually Impaired
  300.    A study to estimate the impact of moonlighting on employee performance
  301.    Segmentation of skin lesions from human body using regional convolutional neural network
  302.    A critical study on distance education
  303.    Problems faced by the dressmakers – a study
  304.    The Impact of Covid-19 on Mutual fund Industry in India
  305.    Behaviour of consumers in new normal: A study with reference to Udupi District
  306.    "An empirical investigation of front-line workers digital centric shopping experience with reference to chennai city"
  307.    "A study on Ethical issues and Privacy Paradox in social Media"
  308.    Dufour and Hall Effects on MHD Flow past an Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate with Constant Temperature
  309.    Exploring the Strategies for Enhancing the Employability Skill among Students
  310.    Prediction And Diagnosis Of Diabetes Mellitus Classes In Humans Using Support Vector Machine
  311.    Effective multicast communication Using MQTT Protocol and Hardy wall algorithm in SIoT
  312.    Edge irregularity strength of square of path graphs
  313.    Some Classes Of Anti-Magic Labeling Of C4ʘK2
  314.    Edge irregularity strength of a class of planar bipartite graphs
  315.    Low Performance of PIXE Technique at Geo-chemistry of Metamorphic Rocks
  316.    Crustal structure of the central Indian Ocean, north of equator as inferred from Gravity and magnetic data
  317.    Bianchi Type-III Magnetized Cloud String Cosmological Model With Linearly Varying Decelerating Parameter in General Theory of Relativity.
  318.    Novel and Efficient Identity-based Aggregate Signature Scheme using Bilinear Pairings over Elliptic Curves
  319.    A Novel Effective Framework for Medical Images Secure Storage Using Advanced Cipher Text Algorithm in Cloud Computing
  320.    Optimizing the design of a single cylinder engine connecting rod by implementing a uniform rib section and analysing its structural strength and flow characteristics
  321.    Investigation of mechanical and metallurigical characterics of al2618 using friction stir welding
  322.    Investigation on the Properties of Stainless Steel-304 with Nano-Composite (Ni- Al2O3) Coating
  323.    Classification and Precision Diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer - Survey
  324.    Monitoring Social Distancing Using OpenCv
  325.    House Prices Prediction Using Statistics with Machine Learning
  326.    Advance Vehicle and Driver Profile Management Using Cloud Frameworks
  327.    A Machine Learning Approach for Tomato Crop Yield and Price Prediction
  328.    Tomato Grading: A New Approach for Classifying and Predicting Tomato Quality based on Visual Features
  329.    Image Processing Technique for Authentication of Indian Paper Currency
  330.    Life cycle of KPIs in Cloud Networks
  331.    Comparison on Logistic Regression, Random Forest, and CNN for Handwritten Digit Recognition
  332.    Facial Emotions and Behaviour Monitoring System using DNN
  333.    A Novel Method for Fruit Detection and Calorie Estimation using CNN
  334.    Energy Meter Monitoring and Power Theft Detecting System
  335.    Fruit Ripeness Assertion Using Deep Learning
  336.    Horticulture Crop Inventory: A Survey on Identification and Classification of Crops using Satellite Image Processing.
  337.    An Ergonomic Smart Eye Designed for Reading and Object Detection for Blind People using IOT
  338.    Augmented Reality Based 3D Furniture Shopping
  339.    Smart Calculation using Edge Computing
  340.    LSTM-Based Air Quality Prediction
  341.    An Implementation of Polyglot Voice Supervise Home Device Using Raspberry Pi
  342.    Campus Interactive Chatbot for Students
  343.    Enhancing Security Authentication of Information System using Morse code and Facial Recognition
  344.    Automated Questions Unique Arrangement (A.Q.U.A)
  345.    Fake Indian Currency Detection App
  346.    Online Examination Portal
  347.    Asynchronous Execution Platform for Edge Node Devices
  348.    Real-Time Anti Spoofing Face Detection With Mask Using CNN
  349.    NGLV: Next Gen Learning uniVerse
  350.    System and Method for Truth Discovery In Social Media Big Data
  351.    Cardiovascular Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Ensemble Methods
  352.    Identifying Real and Fake Job Posting using Machine Learning
  353.    Crowd Monitoring System
  354.    Determining Efficient Machine Learning Techniques for Grading of Knee Osteoarthritis
  355.    ShopChain: An Android Application Simplifying the Shopping Experience in Day to Day Life
  356.    Augmented Reality Based Restaurant Menu
  357.    Reva Parikshak Online Examination System
  358.    PC Vision Based Unpretentious Classroom Attendance Tracing Framework/Technique(MAY 2021)
  359.    Mask Detection Using CNN and OpenCV
  360.    Analysis Of Distribution Transformer Physiological And Electrical Fault Detection - A Smart Grid Application
  361.    Food Taste Analysis Based on Facial Expression Detection
  362.    Stock market analysis and prediction using ML
  363.    An Approach for Loan Approval Prediction Using Machine Learning
  364.    Smart Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles
  365.    Cloud based student repository system
  366.    PLANT DYNAMICS: Triticum infection disclosure
  367.    Iot & Ml Based Smart Irrigation System For Water Pump Control And Notification Alert Using Raspberry Pi
  368.    Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy using Convolutional Neural Network
  369.    Automation of Database replication and sentiment analysis of the replicated data
  370.    Cloud-Based Essentail Home Services Aggrregator
  371.    Smart Attendance Monitoring System Using Face Registering
  372.    Educational And Immersive Game Development
  373.    The Importance of Data Visualization in Exploratory Data Analysis
  374.    Analytics Of Phishing Attacks Using Machine Learning
  375.    Text Generation Tool for Writing Assistance using Transformer
  376.    Music Generation Using LSTM Neural Network
  377.    B.E.S.T: Basic Emotion & Sentiment Tracking
  378.    Emergency Evacuation By Iot In Private Bus
  379.    Detection of Coronavirus illness using Techniques of Deep Learning and CNN
  380.    Recognizing phishing site using Machine Learning- A Comparative Approach using MultinomialNB & Logistic Regression
  381.    System and method for identification of Parkinson’s disease using deep neural network
  382.    Using Hyperlocal Delivery System to accelerate Localised Business
  383.    Human Activity Recognition Using Cnn And Lstm Deep Learning Algorithms
  384.    Intrusion detection recording system with biometric lock
  385.    Supervised Machine Learning Models Based Prediction of Covid-19
  386.    Smart System For Document Verification
  387.    Predictive Analysis and Comparison of various Models on eSports Competitions
  388.    Home Automation Using Smart Ai Assistant
  389.    Smart Cars – Predicting Future Customers
  390.    Data Pre-processing Issues in Medical Data Classification
  391.    Certain Investigations of prediction on Stock trend using various Optimization Techniques
  392.    Employee Surveillance System Using Face Recognition
  393.    Licence Plate Detection Using Machine Learning
  394.    Fake News Identification for Web Scrapped Data
  395.    Machine Learning Based Method to Design a Facial Emotion Detection and Chat Bot System
  396.    Convolution Neural Network Based Prediction for Eye Gaze Estimation
  397.    Facial Emotion Recognition usign CNN
  398.    NIDS: An Efficient Network Intrusion Detection Model for Security of Big Data Using Different Machine Learning classifiers
  399.    A New Hybrid Diffie-Hellman and Caesar Cipher Algorithm for Cryptography
  400.    Health Care Chatbot Assistant system
  401.    A novel approach and implementation concept for a nanosatellite backup on-board computer
  402.    An iot based apllication for the safety of women
  403.    Combined Contrast Enhanced and Wide-Baseline Technique for Kannada Text Detection in Images
  404.    A Blockchain-based Framework for Transparent Medical supply in Covid-19 Pandemic.
  405.   A Supervised Text classification approach based on variants of Naive Bayes and Gradient Ascent
  406.   Plant Disease Identification Using Machine Learning Techniques
  407.    Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithm
  408.    Hybrid Technique with Bagging,Boosting And Voting Algorithm
  409.    Performance analysis of TSCH Vs CSMA MAC in wireless Sensor Networks
  410.    International Dining Outlets –A tough competitor of existing Indian Food Markets
  411.    Local Food and Tourism – A Myth or Reality: A Shimla Based Analysis
  412.    Comparative analysis of microstrip patch antenna of wearable iot devices for health care
  413.    Evaluation and calibration of cosmic dust in ambient condition using lorawan technology
  414.    Intrusion Detection using Forensics based Prevention for Secure MANET
  415.   IoT Based Health Monitoring System with LoRa Communication Technology
  416.    Sensor Fault Detection And Isolation For A Wireless Sensor Network Based Remote Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System
  417.    Investigation of Control Strategies of Modified Capacitor Assisted Cascaded q-ZSI
  418.    Weight based pick and place robot with digital counter
  419.    Design of an on-field smart agri- assistor and its implementation for multipurpose farm utility
  420.    IoT Implant: Proposal for Smart Watering strategy using low-cost collateral
  421.    An Innovative Model-Based Approach for Blood Donation Management through Data Analysis Using Classification Techniques
  422.    A secret sharing protocol to key management security techniques for data sharing in big data era
  423.    Production of color images from the sketches using gan
  424.    A study on impact of covid-19 on consumer buying behaviour in retail sector with special reference to mysuru city.
  425.    Classification of cyber bullying on twitter data using proposed feature extraction technique
  426.    Determine the weight using entropy method in multi-objective optimization base on ratio analysis (moora) method to selecting a mobile phone.
  427.    Structural and Elemental Properties of Pure and Mn2+ doped Ba2TiO4 Nanoparticles
  428.    On Class of Area Vanishing Functions on the Unit Interval
  429.    A Study On Problems Faced By Customer Using Internet Banking
  430.    Group Difference Cordial Labeling in Graphs
  431.    MODA Algorithm Based Landsman Converter for Torque and Speed Control of BLDC Motor
  432.    Study On Analysing The Effectiveness Of Recent Marketing Trends To Meet The Demands Of Millennial
  433.    Review on BioMEMS
  434.    IoT Enabled CLSC and Sustainability in Electronics Industry
  435.    Light Fidelity Communication: Introduction and Challenges
  436.    Survey and Issues of the Ultra violet’s Non-Lines-of-Sight’s Communications
  437.    Review of Optical Wireless Technologies
  438.    Design of a Smart CCTV Camera Surveillance System
  439.    Design of a Bipedal Walking Robot
  440.    The Brief Review on Optical Fiber Networks
  441.    Review on Microelectromechanical System
  442.    Review Paper of Microfabrication Techniques for Microfluidic Devices based on Dielectrophoretic
  443.    Review on Semiconductor Unit Process for Microelectromechanical Devices
  444.    Design of a Sensor Directed Robot
  445.    The Brief Study on Embedded Systems
  446.    Survey on RenewableSmart Energy Systems
  447.    A Research Paper on Delay Tolerant Network
  448.    Automatic Household Fire Detection System
  449.    Remote Air Conditioner Control
  450.    Standalone PV System: Layout and simulation
  451.    Smart Parking Assistance System Using Ultrasonic System
  452.    Use of Piezoelectric in the Parking Lot
  453.    A novel network security regulation based on improved support vector machines from the perspective of modern cities.
  454.    Self Reconfiguration System for Fault Recovery in Wireless Sensor Network
  455.    World’s Smallest Country
  456.    Amazon Rainforest Fire 2019
  457.    Station Coordinates for IGS-Combined Station Coordinate, Earth Rotation Parameters and Apparent Geo Center: A Review
  458.    Ground Water Quality with Hydro chemical Characteristics in Tamil Nadu, India: A Review
  459.    Instability Survey of Basaltic Soil Slopes in Maharashtra, India: A Review
  460.    Design and Development of an IoT Dependent Smart Parking Management System
  461.    A Review on 5G Wireless Network
  462.    A Review on Laser Cutting Process
  463.    A Review on Evolution of Cellular Technology
  464.    A Review on Variable Valve Timing
  465.    Piezoelectric Energy Generation & Energy Storage Device
  466.    Review of the Mitigation Techniques
  467.    Harmonic Analysis and Real-time’s operations & of Non-isolate &Isolate Hybridize Direct Current Micro Grid
  468.    Filter Controller Design for Current of Digital Active Power Harmonics
  469.    Topologies of Electrical Instruments: Alternating Current
  470.    Detecting the Deterioration in Induction Motor by Vibrating Signals
  471.    A Method forResistance Measurement: A Review
  472.    Limiting Error: A Case Study
  473.    Applications of Pump Storage Power Plant
  474.    Generation of Energy from the Ocean Waves
  475.    Features of Hematite as well as Fly Ash throughout ChemicalBurning of Sewage Sludge: A Review
  476.    A Paper on Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  477.    A Research Paper on Heliodisplay
  478.    Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED)
  479.    Blockchain used in Healthcare Field
  480.    Android OS vs iPhone OS: A Comparative Study Based on the Security Criteria
  481.    SDLC Types and Software Risk Management
  482.    C Programming Language and It’s Programming Aspects: A Review Paper
  483.    A survey on prevalence of cardio-vascular disease in young and middle aged population eating processed food
  484.    A Review on Biodiversity and its Conservation
  485.    From BCS theory to Hubbard and t-J Models: A Review
  486.    Investigation of Modified Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Domestic Applications
  487.    Performance Analysis of PWM Control Strategies using Cascaded Multi-level Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
  488.    Effects of Heat Treatment on CuO Doped Sodium Calcium Phosphate Glasses
  489.    A Smart Hybrid Power Monitoring System for Telecom Applications
  490.    Composition and Analysis of Software Defined Radio based GNSS Transmitter and Receiver
  491.    Performance Analysis in both Static and Dynamic Mode in an Open Surface/Ground Using NavIC/GPS Receiver
  492.    A Design of Low-Power Level Shifter for Digital Circuits
  493.    Ultrasound Velocities and Elastic Properties of Mixed Conducting Glasses Prepared by Microwave Heating Method: A Structural
  494.    Analysis of Stage-of-Charge Estimation for Battery maintenance of Telecom Towers
  495.    Real-Time Mobile Speech to Speech Electronic Language Translator
  496.    Pair potentials for inert gas crystals
  497.    FA-ZnO piezoelectric pavement tiles based Self-automated Sanitization System for Control and Prevent COVID-19
  498.    Theoretical Studies on Iron-based Superconductor: A Brief Review
  499.    Reliable Data Classification based on Lex-sense feature selection Using Grid-based Transfer Learning for identifying fake information in social media
  500.    A dexterous hierarchical abe access control for fortifying cloud data
  501.    Early diagnosis of brain tumor in mri images using machine learning
  502.    Design of wireless internet of things system and sedative outcome of pediatric magnetic resonance investigation in hospital
  503.    A research on modelling of fastened portable robots for redundant operators
  504.    Therapeutic tolearnt care using cybernetics
  505.    Prediction of Most Addictive Attribute, By Using Four Algorithm-In Addiction Disorder
  506.    Design and implementation of data transmission through light
  507.    A simulation of an elastic beam using Kirchhoff model
  508.    A Swift Aproach to decode Integer programming problems using CMI’s reduction method
  509.    An Analysis The Prediction Of Caridovascular Disease (Heart Disease) Using Decision Tree Model
  510.    Amalgamation of Human resource and technology for Employee retention
  511.    Role of Indian Credit Rating Agencies in the Era of Digital Trading: Investors’ Perspective
  512.    Impact of Social Media on Imagination Power
  513.    Mathematical modeling and influence of slip parameter on magneto hydrodynamic flow between two parallel porous walls of finite thickness
  514.    Is artificial intelligence a solution to marketing of flowers?
  515.    An Empirical Analysis of State-of-the-Art Classifiers for Sign Language Hand Gesture Recognition Using Moment-Based Features
  516.    Skin Tumour Detection Under Rapidly Variation Illuminating Conditions Using Deep Convolution Neural Networks
  517.    Factors affecting eco-friendly hotel selection: Punjab customer’s perception
  518.    Relationship Between Training and Development Environment and Employee Performance of Five-Star Hotels in DelhiNCR Region
  519.    Innovation in training practices adopted by the human resources department in
  520.    Applications Of Fuzzy Logic: A Literature Review
  521.    "Fast computing inaccurate and accurate adders design based on GDI technology"
  522.    Stock Market Reaction to Macroeconomic Variables: A Study in Context of NIFTY500
  523.    Green Human Resource Practices leading to StrategicCompetitive Advantage—A Study on the Mediating Effect of Social Comparison
  524.    Child Vulnerabilities Under Covid-19 – A Critical Analysis
  525.    Green Software Development Life Cycle: Power Consumption Metrics for Developers
  526.    Human Ecg Analysis Using Machine Learning To Predict Early Heart Diseases
  527.    An Empirical Study on HR Analytics: A tool for Predictive decision making
  528.    Smart Energy Monitoring System with Microcontroller to Reduce Electric Tariff
  529.    Design Of Palm Tree Shaped Inset Feed Patch Antenna For Rf Energy Scavenging
  530.    A Study on Ground Water Analysis for Drinking and Irrigation Quality
  531.    Enhancing the load carrying capacity of sand by Geogrid
  532.    Chromatic Topological Indices of Certain Fullerene Polymers
  533.    Prediction of weldment quality of dissimilar Magnesium alloys by ANN
  534.    Web Based Data Visualization and Data Preprocessing Tool
  535.    MEDIBITS
  536.    Implementation with Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain Technology for Cybersecurity: Use Cases for e-Health applications
  537.    Predictions on Stock Market using Random Forest based Deep Learning Model
  538.    Investigation of soil strength using pet bottle strips
  539.    Active learningstrategies :an illustrative approach to bring out better learning outcomes from science, technology,engineering and mathematics (stem) students
  540.    Effect of psychological impact on disaster management in covid-19
  541.    Mechanical strength and properties of geopolymer concrete with and without polypropylene fibre
  542.    Demystifying the role of technology in forming financial behaviour of MSME
  543.    Design and Modeling of direct AC to AC power conversion technology for wind energy system with Fuzzy based PWM Triggering System
  544.    Modelling Of Wind Blade And Components Using Carbon Nano Tube Materials For Improve The Perfomance
  545.    Plant Leaf Disease Detection using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
  546.    Vehicle Black Box System Using Raspberry Pi
  547.    An Advanced ANN Algorithm Hinged Single-Phase Grid-Associated PV Grounded Wind Technique with One Switch High Gain DC-DC Converter
  548.    Power Factor Correction for BLDC Motor using High Gain BridgelessAC-DC SEPIC Converter with Torque Ripples Suppression
  549.    Upgrading Non Linear Loads with Unified Power Flow Controller Employing Adaptive Power-Quality Thesis
  550.    Haptics and Pattern Controlled Robot
  551.    Automated Music Recommendation System based on Human Emotions via ECG Signal Pattern
  552.    Nanotechnology based Extraction of Zinc Oxide using Azdhiratcha Indica
  553.    Portable Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measuring and Insulin Calibration System
  554.    TOPIC - Physico-Chemical Properties And Application Of Polyetheretherketone In Dental Implantology-A Literature Review.
  555.    Biochemical Effect Of Azolla And Spirulina On Fresh Water Fish Oreochromis Mossambicus (Tilapia)
  556.    A Comparative Study to analyze crime threats using data mining and machine learning approach
  557.    Experimental investigation on heat transfer enhancement of automatic solar flat collector at different inclination
  558.    Computational fluid dynamics analysis on a typical launch vehicle
  559.    Newly Identified Superhydrophobic characteristics on plant leaves
  560.    Design and Analysis of Split-Scimitar winglets
  561.    Adaptive Geared Wing Structure Using Shape Memory Alloys
  562.    Lift & drag analysis of aircraft wing with dimple structure
  563.    Flow Analysis in Scramjet Busemann Inlet at Higher Mach Numbers
  564.    Numerical Simulation Of Fixed Wing Uav At Various Altitude
  565.    Optimization Study of Geometrical Design for Passenger Airplane
  566.    Review on aerodynamics of cricket ball
  567.    A review on tiltrotor unmanned aerial vehicle for water level mapping
  568.    Fabrication of mounting bracket using glass fiber and epoxy composites
  569.    Analysis of dimple wing of an aircraft
  570.    Design and Fabrication of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  571.    Analysis of Structural Integrity of Telescope Truss Subjected to Gravitational and Wind Loads
  572.    Analysis Of Ribs Using Carbon Nanotube Stitches With Various Cutout Shapes
  573.    A critical Review on Computational works carried out in Solar Chimney Power Plant
  574.    Optimization of automotive exhaust SCR system using CFD
  575.    A Comprehensive Review on the Repair of Damaged Polymer Composite Laminates
  576.    Design and fabrication of solar autoclave
  577.    Design of a .50 Calibre Bullet with Fin Induced Spin
  578.    A Critical Review on the Improvement of Aramid Fiber/Matrix Interfacial Bonding Strength by Fiber Surface Modifications
  579.    Aerodynamic Analysis Of Sc(2)-0714 Airfoil Using Openfoam CFD
  580.    Structural analysis of worm gears using ansys
  581.    Design and analysis of boosters for vertical axis wind turbine (vawt) in low wind speed
  582.    Combined pulley-counterweight. System for uplift and inclination mechanism of a chair’s seat
  583.    Comparative study of kaplan turbine blades for making more rotations
  584.    Numerical investigation of impact damage in semi-rigid polyurethane foam
  585.    Finite element analysis of hydro turbines
  586.    Structural analysis of a rack and pinion arrangement for air compression
  587.    Heat removal by induced convection by fans
  588.    Cfd analysis of flow and heat transfer analysis of inclined plate with multiple inlet and outlet
  589.    Finite Element Modelling And Analysis On Blanking/Piercing Die Punch
  590.    FEA Analysis of Camera Tripod
  591.    CFD Analysis of Various Types of Air Compressor Fins
  592.    CFD application of Flameless Oxidation in Glass Melting Furnaces
  593.    Design and analysis of shredding chipping and mulching using ansys
  594.    Fea analysis of satellite structures
  595.    Aerodynamic Characteristics Study of Corrugated Wing Analysis using CFD Methodology
  596.    Flow analysis of nozzle for different mach number by using cfd
  597.    Hmc labeling of some special graphs
  598.    Comparative study of graph theory & operations research
  599.    Intelligent dispatching system management platform for construction projects based on digital twin and bim technology
  600.    Capsulization Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  601.    Pair Sum Modulo Labeling of Cycle and Crown graphs
  602.    Deep Learning Promotes Research On The Construction Of University Mathematics Micro-Courses
  603.    A Stylistic Analysis of Short Story “The Interlopers” by Saki
  604.    Influence of Computer Assisted Language Learning in Teaching English as a Second Language
  605.    Developing Undergraduate Student's Reading Comprehension Skills With Modern Tool and Technology
  606.    Mediating effect of firm performance on the relationship between sustainability reporting and institutional ownership: evidences from indian it industry
  607.    Evaluation of financial health of select indian conglomerates – application of topsis method
  608.    A study on factors influencing consumer behavior in new mothers on baby wipes
  609.    Being Positive and Behaving Positively: A Study on Quality of Work Life
  610.    Proactive Personality and Its Implications in Information Technology Sector
  611.    Employee Morale: A study in recruitment firm with special reference to Covenant Consultants at Chennai.
  612.    Impact of Attitude towards Behaviour on Entrepreneurial Intention in Digital Era among the MBA Students in Bangalore
  613.    Factors affecting employees job satisfaction at v.v.v. &sons edible oil ltd., virudhunagur
  614.    Exploring the nature of green consumers of this decade
  615.    Application On Work Study To Improve The Productivity In Allina Leather Foot Wear Industry
  616.    An Investigation to Improve Input Power Factor in Presence of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
  617.    Power Quality Enhancement of Smart Grid Connected hybrid power system
  618.    Optimized Covid 19 Vaccine (Covishield or Covaxin) Process in India using Artificial Intelligence
  619.    Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution System with unbalanced loading conditions Using Chaotic Stochastic Fractal Search Algorithm
  620.    Energy Efficient and Trust Implanted GPSR for Wireless Sensor Networks
  621.    Personal Bubble Maintenance Using Smart Watch
  622.    Forest Fire Detection Using Drones and Computer Vision
  623.    Mediating Effect of Infrastructure between FDI & Economic Growth
  624.    A Novel Z-Source And Quasi Z-Source Inverters Dual Switching Frequency Modulation
  625.    SVPWM BASED T-Type Multilevel Inverter for Electric Vehicle Applications
  626.    Design and simulation of wearable on-Body antenna
  627.    Applications of IoT Technology and Computer Vision in Higher Education – A Literature Review
  628.    Diagnosis of Canine Cataract using Artificial Intelligence: A Review
  629.    Planning and Scheduling Techniques in Infrastructure Projects: Tamilnadu
  630.    Corporate Social Responsibility – Education in India
  631.    Wavelet Based Denoising Filter for Ultrasound Imaging: A Study on IMT Thickness of Carotid Artery
  632.    Impedance analysis of (1-x) PbMg1/3Nb2/3 O3-(x) K1/2Bi1/2TiO3 ceramics
  633.    Performance analysis of hybrid Warm-Hole (WH) and Virtual Cut-Through (VCT) Techniques for high throughput on FPGA
  634.    Heat Source Impact ofMHD Flow pastan Exponentially Accelerated Inclined Vertical Plate with Variable mass and Temperature through Porous Medium
  635.    In the presence of thermal radiation and chemical reaction, the heat transfer performance of Hall and magnetic field impacts on flow via a parabolic accelerated with variable temperature
  636.    IoT for Women Empowerment; Reflections on the Emancipatory Potential of Contemporary Technology
  637.    Growth, Characteristics ofpromising Glycine Manganese Chloride Oxalic Acid(GMO) Single Crystals: An experimental Investigations on AdequateOptoelectronic applications
  638.    Growth, Hardness and Etching Studies on l – Alanium Maleate Crystals
  639.    Steel reinforced hollow concrete block filled with foundry sand
  640.    Experimental investigations on the effects of chromium inter layer on the microstructure and micro-hardness of pack borided steels
  641.    Compounded Curve Fit Analysis Of Fdi Inflows From Selected Countries Like Japan, Singapore, Mauritius And United States Of America
  642.    Neural Network based Autonomous Driving Vehicle Simulation: A Driver-less Car Scenario
  643.    Modelling Visual Cryptography: A Context of Software Design with UML
  644.    Are we rational players?- An Experimental Study on Guessing games
  645.    A Study On Portfolio Evaluation And Investment Decision In It Sectors Listed In Nse
  646.    An Analytical study on impact of COVID-19 on luxury cars’ customer preferences in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)
  647.    Swot factors - a probe on brokerage firms of stock market in coimbatore city
  648.    Deep learning model in basketball training
  649.    Deep learning intelligent audit model for enterprise management optimization
  650.    A Study on Financial Literacy and its Implication in the Last decade
  651.    A Review On Effective Online Learning And Teaching
  652.    Evaluating tourism's economic effects due to covid 19
  653.    An empirical investigation on the factors influencing the performance of employees at selected Indian private banks
  654.    An empirical investigation in analysing the implementation of data analytics towards business performance through the influence of knowledge management practices in select ites companies in india
  655.    Corporate social responsibility and the patients-staff relationship in health care sector with special reference to chennai
  656.    An empirical investigation on the key factors of artificial intelligence (ai) in influencing the recruitment process with special focus on it companies in india
  657.    The role of knowledge management in creating better employee performance in the organisation with artificial intelligence as the mediating role
  658.    A critical evaluation in measuring the major variables influencing the job satisfaction with reference to strategic HRM with special reference to ITES Industry in India - A multiple regression analysis approach
  659.    Impact of Solar shading of a solar photovoltaic system using Grasshopper algorithm
  660.    Generating Maximum Power in Photovoltaic Systems using HHO-Based Embedded Controllers
  661.    The Challenges Of Implementing A Choice Based Credit System In Legal Education
  662.    An Empirical Study on Text Summarization Techniques by Integrating NLP with Machine and Deep Learning Techniques
  663.    Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Information Mangement : Transformation in education and life - A structural Review
  664.    A Hybrid Approach of Backtracking and Hill Climbing algorithms for Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud Computing
  665.    Unravelling the Effectiveness of Clustering Techniques in Behavioral Health: A Survey
  666.    Frame work of Machine Learning Techniques to Develop a Prediction Model for COVID-19 Data
  667.    A Study On Employee Engagement Dimension Of Selected Consultancy Companies – Evdence From India
  668.    Revenue Impact of Goods and Services Tax on Tamil Nadu Government
  669.    An Analytical Study Of User Behaviour Towards Digital Payments Among The Millennial Employees In Chennai
  670.    Work-life balance in new normal
  671.    An analysis of Investor Behavior towards Capital Market with reference to Chennai city
  672.   Chatting With Chatbot - The Users’ Chatbot Experience
  673.    An Exploratory Study on User Preferences towards Reading News Digitally
  674.    Cultural intelligence among employees working in Global Virtual Teams (GVT) during pandemic – Team effectiveness and challenges faced
  675.    A Study On Customer Attitude Towards Online Shopping And Payments
  676.    A Study on Brand Design And It's Influence on Consumer Behaviour
  677.    A Comprehensive Survey On Cervical Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence
  678.       A Comprehensive Survey on Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence
  679.      E- Learning Recommender System (E-LRS): A look over of the State-of-the-art
  680.     Fingerprint Identification and Classification using convolve Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix with Haralick technique
  681.    Improved Gait Pattern Analysis Using Augmented Long Short-Term Memory In Neural Network For Classification
  682.    Farmer's perception of climate change and responsive strategies in India
  683.    A Comparative Study On Consumer Perception Towards Organized And Unorganized Retail Stores In Andhra Pradesh