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Prakaran Nanjundan

Mr. Prakaran Nanjundun

Junior Research Fellow

D. EEE From Co-Op Sugar Mills Polytechnic College, Palacode, Dharmapuri(DT), Tamil Nadu, India.

Area of Specialization


Work experience

1 year

Working as Junior Research Fellow at REST Labs, Kaveripattinam, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India from 15/11/2022

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Research and Publications

Prabakaran Nanjundan Vimala Saravanan, M. Ramachandran, Manjula Selvam, “Investigation of Non Linear Analysis wrt Dynamic Relaxation”, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, ISBN No: 978-81-948459-4-2, 2(3), (2022): 197-203. DOI:

Malarvizhi Mani Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy, M. Ramachandran, Prabakaran Nanjundan, “Analysis of Blind Spot in Heavy Vehicles using TOPSIS MCDM Method”, REST Journal on Advances in Mechanical Engineering, ISBN: 2583-4800, 1(2), (2022): 19-27. DOI:

Prabakaran Nanjundan Nayeemuddin, M. Ramachandran, Chinnasami Sivaji, “A Study on Renewable Energy and Wind Power”, REST Journal on Advances in Mechanical Engineering, ISBN: 2583-4800, 1(2), (2022): 10-18. DOI:

Prabakaran Nanjundan Pallavi D R, Kurinjimalar Ramu, M. Ramachandran, “Analysis of Enterprise Resource Planning system using VIKOR Method”, REST Journal on Banking, Accounting and Business, ISBN: 2583 4746, 1(2), (2022): 27-33. DOI:

PrabaKaran Nanjundan Vidhya Prasanth, M. Ramachandran, “HVAC-AHU System Evaluation using WPM method”, REST Journal on Emerging Trends in Modelling and Manufacturing, ISBN: 2583-4800, 8(3), (2022): 154-160. DOI: