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Sowmiya Soundharaj

Miss. Sowmiya Soundhraj

Assistant Core Research Scientist

BBA. (C.A) From St. Joseph's Women's College of Arts and Science, Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Area of Specialization


Work experience

5 Month

Working as Junior Research Fellow at REST Labs, Kaveripattinam, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India from 10/03/2022

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Research and Publications

Ataur rahman farooqi; D R pallavi; M. Ramachandran; S. Sowmiya; Manjula Selvam, “A Brief Study On Recent Trends in Financial Literacy”, Recent trends in Management and Commerce, 3(1), (2022): 40-45. DOI:

C. Venkateswaran; M. Ramachandran; Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy; S. Sowmiya; Manjula Selvam, “Exploring Various Tourism and Its Implication”, Recent trends in Management and Commerce, 3(2), (2022): 72-78


P.K. Chidambaram; M. Ramachandran; Kurinjimalar Ramu; Vidhya Prasanth; S. Sowmiya, “A Review on Phase Change Material as Energy Storage Materials”, Materials and its Characterization, 1(1), (2022): 63-69.


P.K. Chidambaram; M. Ramachandran; Vimala Saravanan; Chinnasami Sivaji; S. Sowmiya, “A Study on Input and Response Process Parameter for Drilling Operation”, Design, Modelling and Fabrication of Advanced Robots, 1(1), (2022): 37-42.


Allan J Wilson, D.R. Pallavi, M. Ramachandran, Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy, S. Sowmiya, “A Review On Memetic Algorithms and Its Developments”, Electrical and Automation Engineering, 1(1), (2022): 7-12.


DR Pallavi; M. Ramachandran; Vimala Saravanan; S. Sowmiya; Anusuya Periyasamy, “A Study on Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic across the World”, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Resarch, 1(1), (2022): 7-11.


Pon Bharathi; M. Ramachandran; Vimala Saravanan; Soniya Sriram; S. Sowmiya, “Investigating the Identification of Breast Cancer and Its Risk”, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 1(1), (2022): 20-25.


N. Nishya; M. Ramachandran; Chinnasami Sivaji; S. Sowmiya; Soniya Sriram, “Investigation of Various Honeycomb Structures and Its Application”, Construction and Engineering Structures, 1(1), (2022): 1-8.


Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy; M. Ramachandran; Kurinjimalar Ramu; Manjula Selvam; Sowmiya Soundhraj, “Exploring the Possibility of Urban Agriculture Farn”, Agricultural, Biologicals and Food Science, 1(1), (2022):1-8


Shatjit yadav, M. Ramachandran, Vimala Saravanan, S. Sowmiya, Soniya Sriram, “ Exploring Recent Trends in Solar Energy Application”, Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy, 1(1), (2022):30-38.


Chinnasami Sivaji, M. Ramachandran, Vidhya Prasanth, Soniya Sriram, S. Sowmiya, “ Application of Arduino Devices in various IOT Application”, Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy, 1(1), (2022):39-45.


S. Sowmiya, M. Ramachandran, Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy, Vidhya Prasanth, Soniya Sriram, “A Study on Humanoid Robots and Its Psychological Evaluation”, Design, Modelling and Fabrication of Advanced Robots, 1(1), (2022):48-54.